Top 5 FTP MMORPG to play!

The competition in the free MMORPG space has gotten remarkably intense in the past few years, as more and more top notch games get converted to free-to-play models, and new games hit the market reveling in their unabashed freeness. Because of all the fierce competition, free games are no longer guaranteed to develop large fanbases just because they’re free, like many of the first free MMORPGs did.
This is of course good news for all of us gamers, as it means free-to-play MMORPGs are higher quality than ever, and there are more sub-genres and styles of free MMO’s available than ever before. Check out our top 10 free MMORPG’s to play in 2014 list and come back later for more updates!

5. Dungeons and Dragons Online

DDO seemed to have everything going for it upon its initial release, but never seemed to find an audience. It had great graphics, a unique play style, and the pedigree of one of the best MMO developers behind it in Turbine. Despite its failure as a pay-to-play game, don’t be fooled into thinking that was due to the quality of the game. Though it suffers from some of the repetition that other instance-based games suffer from, it’s still an incredibly challenging and enjoyable experience.

4. Vindictus

Vindictus was probably the most hyped free MMORPG ever when it released. The combination of stunning graphics and an action-based battle system that still retained the RPG elements we all know and love had gamers giddy with excitement. While the hype surrounding Vindictus has now died down somewhat, it still remains an enjoyable and unique game, with some thrilling combat. And those graphics… (drool).
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3. Tera Online

After converting from Pay to Play over to Free to Play in early 2013, TERA Rising has shown itself to be one of the premiere MMORPGs available. Showcasing expansive and impressively detailed visuals and a huge variety of wonderfully designed creatures, the open action combat of TERA allows players to have full control over their character while in combat, no more tab targeting here. Although the game does suffer a little from the typical grind of MMORPG questing, there is the option to participate in 5 player dungeons, an upcoming 20 man raid, Guild PvP, and open world PvP to mix it up. TERA also introduces a very unique and intricate political system, that allows a whole zone to vote on a player to become the zone’s matriarch, who can then influence various properties of the zone itself (power trip anyone?). So If you’re tired of dated graphics, repetitive monsters, or even tab targeting, TERA Rising may be the medicine to fix what ails you.
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2. Neverwinter

Steeped in the rich lore of Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter is the newest addition to the open action combat MMORPG family. Based on The Forgotten Realms world of D&D 4.0, Neverwinter offers players a world full of quests, epic dungeons, and beautiful landscapes. What really elevates Neverwinter above most MMORPGs is an amazingly intricate dungeon bulding system, called The Foundry, that allows players to design, share, and participate in their own custom adventures, just like the pen and paper version of D&D. If you’re looking for hours of customizable action filled combat with, or against, your fellow adventurers, make sure you try this one out!
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1. Aion

Aion was released in the west as a pay-to-play game and quickly fell out of the limelight due to the games incessant need to grind for level progression. However with the release of the 3.0 update and the switch to a free to play model, Aion has gone from a traditional Korean grinder to one of the most promising and enjoyable F2P MMOs around with true depth and diversity. Players now have access to all content in Aion with no restrictions allowing them to enjoy the full range of the game. The MMO features breathtaking visuals, air combat, large scale PvP, raids set atop sky fortresses, competitive dungeon runs and much more. One of the most notable features is the large scale keep assaults players can participate in where players must deal not only with the imposing raid bosses within the keep but must also fight off players from the opposing faction who are also fighting for control. With Ncsoft continually updating the game with huge content releases players can expect a long and enjoyable MMORPG experience with Aion.
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