Review : Blue Exorcist

"Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!" - Anton LaVey. One of the constants of many religions is the idea that sin and evil stem from a higher power. For Christianity, Islam and Judaism such things are viewed as the domain of Satan. Blue Exorcist is a classic short shonen anime by A-1 Productions that is about the son of Satan and has become one of the most memorable animes for me.


The story is stereotyped but still it is a masterpiece and does not affect the fun of watching this anime at all. Now for the actual story-line, This anime follows the adventures of Okumura Rin, a boisterous teenager with superhuman strength, who has a problem controlling his temper! Together with his younger twin Yukio, he lives in a small Christian monastery run by his father, Fujimoto Shiro, and several monks who have helped raise the two boys. 


The characters are just amazing though I admit they're a little cliche. But, if you don't mind cliche characters and shutting your brain for some high quality action then you will have a real hard time knocking the enjoyment level down. So for the characters, Our primary protagonist, Rin Okumura is a typical shonen character. He is not like everyone else, has a tendency to fight a lot and is not very intelligent. You'll find him very reminiscent of Naruto character-wise. Then there is his younger brother, Yukio Okumura who is the most legalistic person on this anime. Whenever they argue, I find myself wanting to have Rin beat the living shit out of his brother. All the other characters are also charismatic and hilarious and I definitely love the moments when both the brothers release their demonic power, It looks really amazing. I also enjoyed Rin and Shirou's relationship, and Shiemi's smidgen of character development was nice to see.

Animation and Sound

Coming from A-1 Productions, it was not much of surprise that the animation and artwork were amazing. The character-designs were pretty good though a bit cliched. The fighting scenes were amazing and very pleasing to eye and the best part was when they showed off the variety of demons. I only have one problem with the animation, it is that the quality of animation sometimes take dips though it is raised later on.

Their was nothing amusing about the sound of the show though the voice actors gave a lot of emphasis to their roles, sometimes way too much which totally ruined the mood. The openings and endings were good, but not memorable by any means whatsoever. I liked the orchestral music played in the background it really built upon the mood when it needed to.


With all of its flaws it may seem that Blue Exorcist has nothing to offer, but the show is reasonably enjoyable. The show itself takes a darker and stranger turn which was to me, expected in a way, yet unexpected. I can't find what it is I liked about this show. But, I still had fun watching this anime as a whole.

Overall, I enjoyed Blue exorcist for the most part. It has a great start and builds an ethos worth exploring. Sadly they don't venture outside the realm of school very much but when they do its very limited and thus creates unexplained plot holes. So be ready for the melodramas and misfits of high school life. I would recommend watching the first 5 episodes to get the idea and then decide whether to drop or continue.



  1. I really enjoyed Ao no Exorcist when I watched it though I agree that it has some major issues, especially in its later episodes, which stem from adaptation pains. I've started collecting the manga and it's fantastic!

    1. Totally Agree with your points and even I want to start collecting the manga's of it but I guess I just won't be able to for the next 3 months cause of some problems... :/