Review : Bakuman

This review of mine is for all the seasons of Bakuman (75 Episodes). So, First things first, If you're new to animes don't except to much from the show as it is not you typical action romance anime! This is an anime about the anime / manga industry. That is why many people loved it (Including me! Its one of my favorite animes.) If you love anime, you really want to know about how it work in its motherland ; Japan.


Bakuman is a story about two best friends, Mashiro Moritaka and Tagaki Akito who want to become the world's greatest mangakas. Their journey is a long one filled with laughter, cheers, tears, courage, hardwork and romance. The personal lives of our Manga Artists contains a lot of twists and turns which makes the story more interesting as one would expect. This story is very engrossing and very well written. 


Bakuman's greatest strength lies not with its story but with its characters. I think that Mashiro and Takagi were a good lead, better then the 90% leads I have seen so far. They both perfectly fit the theme of the story. Through them we can really feel the struggles of the mangaka's, and how they have to keep a constant battle to keep on being serialized. The supporting cast is the most likeable and the funniest I've seen till now. Every character felt like it had a purpose and has contributed to the story. I loved every character equally.

Animation and Sound

I can only say one word about the artwork and animation : beautiful. Obata Takeshi is an extremely talented artist. His artwork matches perfectly with uplifting story and the bright atmosphere of Bakuman. Character Designs were also extremely realistic, and the backgrounds were drawn in a lot of detail from the writer desks to the art pens and manga posters.

Sound was one of the best parts about this series. The opening(s) and ending(s) both were fantastic and especially the first OP 'Blue Bird' by Kobukuro was amazing. The voice acting was top-notch and all the seiyuus did an amazing job, they made me laugh out loud more than once with their amazing job.


Bakuman is my all time favorite anime, it may not be philosophical, depressing, or about the downfall of the entire humanity but I loved this anime because it was very interesting and when I watched it I forgot about my problems, and this is why I watch anime, to have fun.

Overall, Bakuman is my all time favorite anime. This anime tells us that to reach our dreams you just need talent, determination and constant hardwork. I actually got lost in the world of Bakuman when I was watching its 75 episodes, and that is why I watch animes. For me, its a Masterpiece.



  1. can´t stop watching it! great anime MANGAKA

  2. I've been recommended this a few times now so i'll have to take a look at it. I've added it to my "To Watch" list.