Review : Hyouka

Are you looking for an adrenaline pumping mystery anime about murders, deception, and crime? Or are you looking for a mystery anime that has a badass detective? If Yes, look somewhere else as Hyouka isn't that kind of anime. So, this is my first review and I hope you enjoy it.


The story of Hyouka revolves around the grey life of Oreki's first year in High School, the story begins with the important change to his individual status quo - when her older sister who lives in India sends him a request to join the classical club to keep it from being shut down. He accepts thinking the club would be a good place to stay alone and conserve energy, which appropriately causes surprise for his close friend Satoshi as for an individual uninterested in studying, socializing, and sports, joining a club could be a dangerous and painful ordeal for Oreki. And indeed, if not for Chitanda Eru immediately joining the club, Oreki could very well have maintained his status quo of living dully and freely. But perhaps change isn't always a bad thing! 


The true reason this anime is so enjoyable is not because of its mysteries but because of its characters and their interactions. In Hyouka, we have four main characters Oreki Hatourou, Chitanda Eru, Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara. All of them have a role in solving the mysteries, Satoshi is our Database, usually Chitanda is the one to raise questions and convince Oreki to think about it and Oreki is the one to deduce the mysteries. Each character aslo goes through a lot of character development in the anime, and the one to develop the most is Oreki to the point that even he is curious to solve a mystery! But, the change isn't only evident in Oreki, though, as Chitanda, Satoshi, and Mayaka also experience it to varying extents.

Animation and Sound

Kyoto animation is often praised for their good animation and artwork. And there's one thing that can be agreed upon in regards to Hyouka, and that is that Kyoto Animation has made this anime visually stunning and has taken their artwork with Hyouka to another level! It is by far the most beautiful anime I've seen so far. The character designs are very well-done and fit the characters perfectly. It's very surprising that KyoAni managed to keep to this level of quality for all 22 episodes, there were no noticeable decrease in visual or artistic quality, and the backgrounds were created with such detail that it was like watching a movie. The seemingly limitless attention to detail here is really something commendable. 

But, its not all about visual technicality. Hyouka also has a very fitting and eloquent soundtrack that accentuates the atmosphere set by the visual design. From comedy to drama to the start of the mystery the soundtrack fits the mood perfectly and only brings more enjoyment to the viewer. The openings and endings songs were so good that I watched them, though I always skip the openings and endings of most of the anime I watch.


If you watch these kinda shows, you get to enjoy 2 things. First, How the story develops, how the mysteries unfold and what happens around the main character's world. Second, You get to see the character development, like how they see and react about everything is changed bit by bit as the show progresses.

Overall, the stories and mysteries of this anime are well-crafted and we don't see these kinda things in every anime! In most of the animes there is actually no character development at all. So if you want to see characters that are inspired to change themselves, even if they are fictional characters, look no further. You might find some inspiration of your own if you watch this anime.



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    1. El anime Hyouka cubrió los 4 primeros tomos de la novela ligera que cuenta con 5 volúmenes . Así que , si tenemos la suerte suficiente podríamos conseguir un OVA . Pero , yo no creo que haya una temporada de 2!

  2. Alright! It's time to get through these reviews. I'm going to try and get through at least one a day (though I won't comment on all of them).

    Hyouka, unfortunately, is a show I didn't particularly enjoy. It had some really fantastic attention to detail but overall failed to grip me and I ended up dropping it a few episodes before the end. I haven't given the why of that a lot of thought, though I think it may have been because, for me at least, the mysteries themselves weren't particularly interesting. Maybe it was the lack of real stakes and the relaxed pace with which everything happens, and that's something that some people would enjoy even if I personally didn't.

    While I didn't really -like- any of the characters myself (that's not to say I disliked any of them, mind), I thought that Chitanda especially had a unique personality compared to what we're used to in anime which was good to see. In any case, i've seen other accounts of people who liked the show and i'm glad to see you enjoyed it too.

    1. Thanks for reading them and commenting on them Silvacheif, give me a while and even I while get around comment on all those reviews of yours. :D

      Yeah, I know a lot of people who didn't enjoy this anime cause they didn't found the mysteries interesting. Also, I think this anime just might not be for everyone as it doesn't have a straightforward plot, and it focuses more on telling the stories of four characters coming together as part of Classics Club. It's a beautiful tale of friendship and love, and it is arguably one of my most favorite series so far.