Review : Escha & Logy No Atelier

Escha and Logy No Atelier is a video game adaptation. But, I don't know anything about the video game series so I'll not be comparing the anime with the game. Its is an anime with a slice of fantasy life which is calm and benign, but also difficult to become invested in. (I like it though..!)


This anime begins with our protagonists Escha and Logy working as civil servants to help the dying duskland. Logy is an alchemist from the central city who has relocated himself to the remote town in the dyin gland of Colesit, while Escha our other lead is an apple picker's daughter and she is the only one in the town who knows about alchemy! With their unique backgrounds, they both are enlisted for R&D Department (Research & Development) and are given the task to combine their alchemical backgrounds towards the revitalization of the city.


We were introduced to a multitude of characters in the show, some later than others. They all seemed interesting to me. Some characters that were introduced later in the series got the minimal amount of development, Every character introduced seemed to serve a purpose and Overall, the characters to me were average! Nothing too unique in terms of design and personality.

Animation and Sound

The animation of the show was nothing spectacular, Some features just seemed off! The general backgrounds and scenery were quite nice. There was, however, quite a difference in animation style between certain enemies we saw in the show. However, these scenes were few and far between, and while they were animated nicely, the style to me didn't really flow with the rest of the animation. Still, the art was good and lived up to my expectations. 

The soundtrack was pretty well fitted in with the overall feel of the show, but there were no songs that I found myself particularly drawn to. The openings and endings were nice, but nothing out of the ordinary.


It was definitely an enjoyable series for me, as I enjoy episodic and a little action - packed shows. Its plot was quite interesting and it had everything going on a moderate pace, so it was quite entertaining. 

Overall, It was a great anime and it lived up to my expectations. if you're into calmer shows with fantasy elements you'll probably enjoy this show a lot! I liked Escha & Logy No Ateleir because It had a decent amount of content in it and I like episodic animes. So, You should probably give it a try!



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