Review : Tokyo Majin

Tokyo Majin has all the classic elements from shounen animes and uses them to produce this confusing yet great show. This review of mine is for both the seasons of the anime. 


The name of the anime doesn't really fit it's story. The name means Tokyo Wizard Academy, but the anime doesn't have anything to do with wizards. The Story follows five students ; Hiyyu Tatsuma, Misato Aoi, Houraiji Kyouichi, Daigo Yuuya and Sakurai Komaki in their journey to protect Tokyo from evil demons and ogres. 


The characters are very well-developed, its hard to describe them without telling you much about the show. Our MC, Hiyyu Tatsuma remains the mysterious transfer student by the end of the two seasons as he was in the beginning, though you have a lot of questions answered about him, but at the same time you're left with more. He is probably the most complex characters of the anime. Houraji Kyouichi, despite having a mean nature towards everyone but Tatsuma, seems to have a soft spot for Aoi - as he is always shown protecting her. Whereas Misato Aio, seems to have a dark past despite her kind and gentle nature. Sakurai Komaki, despite the strong facade act she puts up in-front of everyone, is very emotional - when her emotions get out of whack, her ability to fight is also affected. Daigo Yuuya, is your typical jock, with the crush on probably the most oblivious girl of the show.

Animation and Sound

The animation was great, the character designs were descent but the weird designs of some of the demons , ogres and undead were definitely disgusting. The fight scenes were pretty well-done and were of high quality. The only problems with the animation was that the scenes some times got to dark and the quality of the faces of the characters at a distance degraded.

The music was amazing and suited the mood of this intense anime perfectly. The screamo fans would definitely appreciate the Opening(s) but if you are more into pop/rock then you wont like it that much. The Ending(s) were superb the best I have seen in an anime. While the voice actors did a fine job, nothing about them bothered me, but nothing about them blew me away either. 


You definitely won't get bored if you watch this anime! However, it's better to watch it over a long period of time. As there's just a lot packed into one episode, so it would be better to take a break between viewing so you can take it all in.

Overall, it has all the elements of standard shounen manga which works pretty well for it. I wouldn't call it the one of the best, but its not some anime you can brush off. So, if you haven't watched it you should definitely give it a try! 



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