Like SAO? Check these 3 anime out.

Sword Art Online (SAO) hit the anime scene like a wrecking ball, picking up fan after fans that bothered to give it a try since its premiere in 2012. And many of them wanted to watch more anime like SAO. So here are 3 anime that I feel are similar to Sword Art Online.

1. Log Horizon

Similarities and Differences between Sword Art Online and Log Horizon :-

  • Both the anime features living within the game and in real life.
  • Both the anime are special in their own way such as the contrasting protagonists.
  • In both, there is the idea of being a member of a community and adventure and exploring the world that the protagonists live in.
  • Both have good art quality as well and if you like action and fantasy anime, these two are definitely recommendable.

2. Accel World

Similarities and Differences between Sword Art Online and Accel World :-

  • The story line involves the idea that you enter a world that is a virtual reality. 
  • They have similar art styles and the game play for the characters is different, but the real world repercussions are more drastic in one series then in the other, but they are still there.

3. No Game No Life

Similarities and Differences between Sword Art Online and No Game No Life :-

  • Both main characters are being transported into a gaming world where there are lots of mysterious wonders to explore.
  • 'No Game No Life' is fresh in terms of its fanservice comedies and vibrant colours, whereas 'Sword Art Online' is focused more on the hardship of the main character and everyone else around him while developing strong romantic relationships along the way. 
  • Comparing the storylines, 'Sword Art Online' easily takes the cake but the crazy and fun games of 'No Game No Life' is something to smile about.

These 3 animes are the ones I feel are like SAO, but if you have any other anime which you feel is like SAO, feel free to comment about it. 

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  1. Let's start with the good, move on to the meh, and finish with the unwatched.

    If you've read my review you'll know I was pleasantly surprised by Accel World. I hadn't even heard about it before my viewing and had a lot of fun with the series. You're right in saying that the real-world repercussions are lesser in Accel World but I would argue that they're nevertheless more prominent. Because there's so much switching between the real world and the virtual the consequences of the actions people take become more prominent. Yes, people die in SAO, but you never see what that looks like outside of the game.

    Log Horizon didn't have any real life components, did it? Then again, I haven't seen the second season yet. In any case, I was a little disappointed by this one. It wasn't bad per se but it managed to chew through 25 episodes without really accomplishing much, and being an MMO player myself I couldn't help but notice that a lot of its talk about strategy and the like just didn't make sense, which didn't help its case. If you've seen the second season, did it improved upon the first? I'd be willing to watch it if people think it was good.

    And I have yet to see No Game No Life, though it's on my list. I'm a little worried about the fanservice i've been hearing about (I watch most of my anime with my girlfriend), but the concept seems too interesting to ignore. It sounds a lot like Mondaiji, to be honest, which was enjoyable if not amazing. Have you see it?

    1. I really agree with how the strategies in Log Horizon didn't make any sense as Log Horizon is an enormous failure of a show from both an analytical and an MMO-lover’s standpoint. And No, I'm not watching it's season 2 right now but I'll think about watching it after it has finished airing and after reading some good reviews on it. :)

      Yes, I've watched No Game No Life and it was an amazing anime! It was an anime that never left me disappointed. All the episodes, centered around one game or another, were always exciting - but those that served as downtime between battles were also full of comedy and helped to flesh out the world! This anime had smart characters, great humor, and games that were just fun to watch ; though you may need to occasionally watch the rules twice to keep up. The only real turnoff I saw in this one were those moments of fan-service with Shiro at its center. But other than that, I highly recommend it to you!

    2. I'm looking forward to it much more after reading such a positive opinion on it, so thanks for the heads-up!