Review : Buddy Complex

I actually found myself to like this anime, surprisingly though a lot of my friends were saying that its a weird mecha anime with painstakingly slow plot progress! But, I think Sunrise Studios has done it again, I really loved the characters, story, mecha and art, and I also liked the funny interactions of Aoba, Dio and other characters in every episode along with the love triangles and 'world war' vibes. And I really want the season 2 to be launched sooner!!


Like most of the mecha animes, Our main character Watase Aoba was living a peaceful normal life until a fateful encounter which changes his life forever, and he has to pilot a mecha to save the distant future. 
It is a delight to see how our main character gets out of the various difficult situations they are forced into.


All of the characters seem ordinary and realistic. However, they're easily likable and are human enough that we can actually forget that they are 2D. The character are the key for this anime cause if they sucked, it would have been a chore to watch. The supporting cast is very capable, and all of them seem to have clear reasons when they get emotional i.e. their emotional spurts do not seem to be pulled out of nowhere! There are also no plot holes that I noticed while watching the show casually.

Animation and Sound

Coming from Sunrise Studious, it is not much of a surprise that the artwork and animation were pretty good. The character designs are well-done and the background is very detailed. And the best part is to watch the fighting of mechas with colorful, bright and precise animation!

The soundtrack were very well - done, the background music during the battles and while they are on standby fit in very well, and the opening and ending song(s) are catchy. The battles scenes are amazing and do not have a noticeable amount of re-used scenes. It is a joy to watch for the art and sound alone.


Its plot was interesting, characters were good and it even had a nice pacing. I definitely enjoyed it a lot, even though the pacing of the show was a little slow, every episode was equally interesting!

Overall, this anime does not try to be anything out off the ordinary, But its amazing execution and excellent animations kept me coming back to it for more every week. But, the enjoyment is where Buddy Complex shines for me as it does not become ridiculously irritating or to boring, and nothing about it bugs you! Its a fun ride and you should definitely give it a try!



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