Review : Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Ravens wasn't groundbreaking, memorable, or brilliant. In fact, it was a pretty generic fantasy action anime with romance elements but it was still interesting enough to make me want to watch the next episode!


The story is about a teenager named Harutora. He is born in the precious onmyoji family ; Tsuchimikado, but he isn't able to see "spirit enery" like his family and thus cannot become an Onmiyou-Exorcist like others in his family. That's why he has lived a rather quite life until now, simply hanging around with his friends Ato Touji and Hokuto. That is, until he meets with his old childhood friend from Tsuchimikado Main Family, Tsuchimikado Natsume.


There were pretty cool characters in the anime, but there were just to many of them to keep up with! Our MC, Harutora at first is like all the other generic Light Novel Main protagonists, that stands up for their friends but as the story progresses  Harutora's character gets a lot better, well I'll not tell you to much about it due to spoilers. Our Other MC, Natsume is the daughter of the Tsuchimikado Main family and that's why has to go to the Onmiyouji-Acadamy in Tokyo and due to the family’s tradition has to go to school pretending to be male. She is a rather quite character at first, but soon turns out to be pretty strong herself! All the other characters are also equally interesting and well - written. Overall, the characters are likable but they don't really do a lot to make the show better.

Animation and Sound

Tokyo Ravens has been produced by 8bit and thus has one of the best animation and artworks I've seen. The backgrounds were amazing with beautiful set of colors used, the character designs were also well-done, But where it shined for me the most are the battle scenes! They were just perfect, the actions were fluid and the use of CGI in battle scenes made it really good to watch.

The sound was good and fitted the overall theme of the show. They weren't something very special but were atleast good and satisfying in the important moments. I also enjoyed the opening and ending(s), especially the 1st ED. The sound aspect of the show was definitely good but didn't particularly stand out.


Tokyo Ravens was without a doubt, very enjoyable to watch. The show had a good amount of action, likeable characters and a well paced story. Though, it had some problems in the beginning but it solved them halfway through and I would basically recommend it to anyone who is into supernatural/fantasy anime.

Overall, Tokyo Ravens may not be a masterpiece but it is still 100% worth the time to watch it. It isn't the caliber of the show that I'll recommend to you, but if you are looking for a generic supernatural/fantasy anime, look no further this show is just for you!



  1. This...represents my thoughts on Tokyo Ravens pretty well, actually. The only comment I have to make is that I felt that some of the scenes had quite abrupt finishes. The show would often move onto the next shot and leave me thinking that I had missed something. A small complaint, but it was pretty consistent through the should. I'd go for a 7/10 for this one.

    1. Yeah, Well, That is why ask people to always focus on my review as my final score might be Biased. I really liked that anime, you know? I guess you can figure that out by my review. :)

  2. I pretty much agree - my only critique is that you kept using the word "quite" when you meant "quiet".

    1. Haha! Thank you for commenting and correcting my mistake.. It was so minor that I missed it even when I rechecked this post for my mistakes and glitches, I've taken care of the mistake now though. Thanks again, I really appreciate it Darth! :D