Review : Future Diary

Future Dairy was a mixed bag for me. While there were some very good moments, there were also some that just made me want to pull out my hair in frustration. Though, I enjoyed this anime, but not for the reasons you may think. 


In the world of Future Diary, the god of time and space, Deus Ex Machina, is coming to the end of his lifespan. And in order to find out who will be his successor, he sends something called "Future Diaries" (ranging from cell phones to a coloring book) to twelve different people and tells them to kill each other with the help of their diaries. 


Our MC, Yukiteru Amano is a typical young teenager who is perhaps a little selfish and a loner. His reaction to the events around him are perfectly natural, and the fact that he has a crazy stalker that follows him around only makes his reasons all the more justified. Our Main Heroine, Yuno Gasia has a rather twisted love for Yuki, and wants to ally him and take on the other dairy users. Though, it does seem like Yuno’s affection for Yuki is random, but her reasons for being like that are justified after a huge plot twist at almost the end of the show. The characters are the one who drive the narrative forward, however there maybe one or two characters that are very annoying but the overall cast is pretty likable.

Animation and Sound

The animation and artwork are pretty well-done. The animation matches the story decently, reflecting the mood of the story. The action scenes are probably the best animated parts of the show, being fast paced as well as very detailed. While it was nothing special, it was definitely good for what it was.

The Music & Sound for me, is the highlight of the anime. While there is no song that particularly stands out, the background music fits the the theme of the story pretty well. Both the opening(s) and ending(s) were good and fitted the tone of the show perfectly.


Even though the story had some plot-holes, I definitely enjoyed this anime. The action sequences were good and the pace of this anime is one of the best I've ever experienced. This is one of the key criteria I consider for enjoyment. 

Overall, Future Dairy is one of my all-time favorites. It made me laugh, it made me gasp, it made me cry, it kept me captivated through. This is one of those series that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to watch an anime that will blow your mind away!



  1. I've been looking forward to watching this for a long time and just as I was getting close to giving it a go my hard drive broke. First world problems suck =/