Review : Yu Yu Hakusho

Alright, I'll start off by saying that this was the first anime that I watched and it is on the top of my fighting based anime list, though I'm no longer a fan of that genre. That Said, If you don't like fighting animes even if they have a good storyline, then don't bother reading this review as I can already tell you that this anime is not for you!


The story revolves around a junior high delinquent, named Yusuke Urameshi becoming something called a "spirit detective". A spirit detective's job is the take care of the demons that escape to the living world and stop them from causing trouble. Yusuke takes his orders from Koenma the son of King Enma. Throughout his journey, he is usually joined by his arch rivals and local bully, Kuwabara Kazuma.


I find the characters to be the real award winners here. Each of them have something unique and interesting about them. Upon first glance they may look like they each have those 1-dimensional cliché roles of an action series, but upon further viewing you will see that there is more than what meets the eye with Yu Yu Hakusho characters. I can guarantee that throughout the course of this show anyone watching it would at least find 1 character which they can truly appreciate. Also, this show doesn't just focus on the main character getting stronger and always being the big hero. There is some very interesting character development for many of the other characters too, and the way in which they interact with one another, as well the diversity and similarities that they show, make for a very balanced chemistry between this cast.  

Animation and Sound

The animation and artwork isn't top-notch even when compared to the anime of its own time period. But, unlike most action animes this anime focuses on its story and characters, rather then producing mindless action. And if even that does not look all that great, it is really great to see actual strategy and emotion playing big parts in a lot of battles, rather than simply just having a bunch of punches, kicks, explosions, etc, which end up taking up multiple episodes. Each fight is characterized by the combatants unique personalities and fighting methods.

Some people may not find the music so amazing, But I actually fell in love with the entire soundtrack of the series. The BGM are one of the best I have seen in a shounen so far.


For those who like well constructed fighting/action anime shows. Yu Yu Hakusho is an outstanding anime in this category. Though, its a shounen but what sets it apart from other shounen for me is the relatively intelligent use of dialogues from the characters. The humor in this show is less slapstick then most anime, and the situational comedy plays a large part in the show, with some parts practically satirizing the action genre itself. 

Overall, this show was very fun and definitely an enjoyable series, though everybody won't like this anime. But, I can guarantee you that if you watch it you'll find atleast one thing that will keep you interested in this anime. Its one of those animes, that go over 100 episodes but still manage to be fresh all the way through. Therefore, I highly recommend this series.



  1. I tried the first 26 eps and althought I was surprised happily by how the story played out at the beginning (the parody of shounen heroes can't die), the rest was just from every aspect mediocre when you compare it to the masterpiece of its decendant, Hunter x Hunter, by the same mangaka and adapted by MADHOUSE. The power ups felt very forced and there was no suspension of disbelief for me when blows that should send our rookie heroes to their deaths failed. The direction was obviously limited by the budget, too. Lastly, I, as a female lgbt viewer, had to sweatdrop at the cliche breast-gropping and pantsu shots and feel very annoyed at what was an unnecessary and offensive commentary of the trans demon. It's amazing though how Togashi has made a 180 degrees change in that department.

    1. Well, I don't want to say much here. But. I'd say just this.
      "You need to learn to endure some low points of an anime,
      to experience its high points."
      Though. I loved those parts too. xD xD

  2. I am glad that you love Yu Yu Hakusho as well. This is also the first anime that I was able to finish. I agree that all of them have different personalities but they complement one another. I like how each character progress in the story. And of course, one great factor for me is that Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei and Koenma are all funny in most episodes. Hahahaha

    1. Sakura, you're probably the first person to ever tell me that you've actually finished Yu Yu Hakusho like me!! Otherwise, all of my friends dropped it after the 50th episode or they just won't watch it. (Though, I love it and highly recommend it to everyone.) Anyways, I'm glad to find another Yu Yu Hakusho Fan. :D

    2. Wow! Really? It was very famous here way back '99 most especially the fight of Yusuke with Toguro. Yusuke was lost to Yomi. Oh actually all of the main characters lost to the final battle except for Kuwabara since he didn't join them and no one invited him from the Demon World. hahahaha

  3. I see why you asked me to begin with this! :)

    It's a nice show. You're completely right about all the action and all. But gosh, how do you pay attention to the slightest of details!! There are heights to frivolity! I've watched about 15 episodes so far, and I didn't give any attention to the background music and other such things. The show is so gripping, it doesn't even let me turn to either side for a moment. :)

    1. Exactly, I just soo knew it that you'd love it.
      And. As an Reviewer, you just have to go on focusing on details. (One of the free bonuses of Anime Blogging)
      Though, I do not like to watch anime with this on mind, So I generally watch it all and then watch most of it again to review it. B)