Review : Robotics;Notes

I was really looking forward to the adaptation of Robotics;Notes the third visual novel by Hayashi Naotaka-Shi because of the previous two series by him were really neat! And while Chaos;Head being a rather promising start, and Steins;Gate being a stellar. It's no wonder I've a lot of things to tell you!


There are two main stories in this anime, one consists of high school students of a robotics club trying to put together a giant robot, the other is totally on the other end of spectrum : saving the world from mysterious villains. The first part is very well done, but soon it takes a back seat to the second one, which is also well done but I didn't like the hurried exposition of explaining it all. Though, I liked the twist and never saw it coming.


Our Main Character, Yashio Kaito whose main interest in the start was just playing a robot video game on his tablet, and being dragged around by Aki, develops a lot as the story progress. Our other lead, Senomiya Akiho whose a super - enthusiastic president of the robotics club and who loves robots and wants to complete the giant robot named "Gunvarrel" her sister was building when she was in the robotics club '9 years ago'. All the other characters are also very lovable. They all stood out on their own way. You would also see many sides of each and every character in the series, something which many anime works neglect upon as they try to hard on the other aspects.

Animation and Sound

The animation is quite good, its befitting of the overall mood of the story and is very pleasing to look at for long periods of time. Another thing that help my interest in the animation and artwork was the nice touches and the CGI that was mainly used well in the early episodes. The characters designs are also very good, also nice touches with PokeCom gave the characters and their world an interesting and realistic look.

I enjoyed the background musics and the opening/ending songs, and overall they do contribute to the mood and the intensity of the events occurring, I especially liked some of the more ongoing pervasive melodies as they were very nostalgic and just put me into a very good mood.


If you're a fan of conspiracy theories and related stories, Robotics;Notes would be an extremely enjoyable series for you to watch. But, what defined Robotics;Notes and made it likable to me in the first place was the sense of awe it gave to technology and constructing things. This show's climax kept me excited and wanting to watch the next episode and hence, I finished the show in a day.

Overall, Robotics;Notes had too many things that appealed to me personally to not enjoy it. It underwhelmed many but I would like to know if there are more out there who were fascinated by it to the very end due to the subject matter! I would say that it is a quality anime even amongst some of its more popular contenders, and even following Steins;Gate, It has many of its own merits! I would recommend it to anyone who asks for the feasibility of mecha, but urge them to keep in mind that this is not the only compatible idea!



  1. While I do have access to this one i've noticed that it was adapted from a visual novel. I'll probably hope for a translation so I can read that first.