Review : BTOOOM!

The chances of me watching "BTOOOM!" were relatively low! But, when I was running low on good animes to watch. I decided to give "BTOOOM!" a try, And I'm really glad now that I watched this great anime, running into this action packed dark thriller was quite a blast!


Like most of the popular shows, "BTOOOM!" is based on a video game! The story revolves around a game called "BTOOOM!" in which you try to kill the other teams of five players with 5 different types of Bombs! "It does not sound interesting enough to you?" But this video game quickly jumps into a real life psychological thriller death match on a island, leading you to feel concern for many of the players at multiple times, leading to one emotional ride!


The Characters were the biggest draw for me as they are all real people or atleast they felt like real people and not just a bunch of anime archetypes thrown together. The main character, Ryouta was just a regular guy who was selfish and tended to think only about how things affect him. He wasn't some goody two shoes but he also wasn't not the devil as well. And, In the end he is the one who gets the most character development of all! Himiko, was a typical damsel in distress. Although I sincerely understood her past and rape is a terrible thing to go through. Kosuke Kira, was a tragic character who lived a tragic life in his childhood. Masashi Miyamoto, looked like a soldier with a magenta pirate hat. Kiyoshi Taira, was a good character who helped Ryota and Himiko survive through this game. Although he didn't leave much impression on me. Overall, the characters were the best and worst parts of the anime was the characters of this anime ranged from psychopaths to normal innocents! Though, this is what made the anime so interesting to watch.

Animation and Sound

The artwork and animation was good. The art was neat, colorful and shiny, but somehow the animation failed to fully convey the full emotions that the characters were expressing. This was a persistent flaw. The flow of motion during action scenes were decent enough to suffice. Overall, the neatness and luster of the art maked up for any shortcomings in animation.

For the sound, Unlike most masterpieces that can use sound to overly make a show more and more amazing, this show still used Sound in the casual way, for expense, nothing bad to say about it, but i have certainly seen better. At the very least, the Opening Song, was one of the best OP's I have ever heard.


Yes, I really enjoyed this anime as it was from a game about bombs, literally turning into a suspenseful dark as fuck, fun ride, I had no expectations for the way the bombs could be used as good fight scenes, during the beginning of the show, but as you get going, you can see, they really did that well. But, The problem was with the needless fan-service and needless rape, now, sure it brought decent backstory's and traumatized the characters in a positive way! But, they could have done far better, to a non-agravating standpoint.

Overall, BTOOOM! was a very entertaining show with a cool concept, and for the most part pulled it off really well. With a few tone/character issues, and nonexistent conclusion this anime was held back from being truly great. But despite these complaints I had a damn good time with it, and would recommend it. It was worth the watch, and I'm glad I gave it a shot! 



  1. I really enjoyed watching BTOOOM!! I love its world and how it's based on a game.. the characters were also very engaging and their stories were very interesting.. my only issue about BTOOOM!! is that I still have no idea what its whole point is... like the whole point of the survival game or the anime itself (it's kind of annoying sometimes I just look for it). but still, it's actually one of those series whose manga I'd like to start reading~~

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project