Review : 11eyes

11eyes in the beginning, showed the potential to be a "5" or "4" Star Anime. Some shows went on and grew the beard. This one, on the other hand, devolved into something else. However, that wasn't actually the devolution of the worst of worst.


Orphaned at an early age, Satsuki Kakeru lives an mediocre life after his sister committed suicide five years ago. His only companion and source of friendship comes from his best friend and schoolmate, Minase Yuka. One day after school, the world around them unexpectedly turns reds, and everybody in their town vanishes. Monsters start appearing and chase after Kakeru and Yuka when end up cornered on an empty street. Luckily the world turns back normal, and they find themselves in the middle busy intersection with no idea of what happened!


The MC, Satsuki Kakeru wasn't given an immediate power-up unlike most of the anime's of the genre, Instead he was shown with realistic mixture of fright, confusion and desperation when he was first transported into the Crimson Night with his childhood friend, Minase Yuka. For the first few encounters they were shown being protected by Kusakabe Misuzu, whose competence and prudence was the only thing that kept both of them alive! But, as the show progresses its shown that she loses her competence and independence for really no reason other than to make the MC Kakeru look more herioc by comparison. Meanwhile, all the other characters who had their own strengths and quirks at the starting, regress to worthless, crazy, withering piles of fear and despair, which was totally disappointing!

Animation and Sound

The artwork and animation of the anime was great. I would say that the complicated artwork and animation of other series's cannot be compared with this one since its main focus was the "moe" aspect. But, some battle sequences did looked a little awkward! As one time, I was expecting an good battle between two master swordsmen. But, then this anime shifts to another scene then to another and then one swordsmen says that the other one is to strong and POOF! there was no battle, it was like they ran out of budget to make a great fight scene!

For the sound, it was good and usually noticeably, it did a good job setting up the atmosphere for the anime. The OP's "Arrival of Tears" by Ayane and "Sequentia" by Asriel were great themes and are actually VERY addicting. There was just a few annoying voice acting, most notably the girls cast, but I think the viewers can easily get over it!


So, Yes I did enjoy it. Ultimately because of it’s side-cast that brightens up this series, and do so pretty well. 11Eyes is in no way the perfect series, but it was at-least solid entertainment and comes with a pretty good story and characters that will keep you interested. As for the ending, it had some pretty creative elements. I’d label it as a pretty good ending if it wasn’t for the blatant Deus ex Machina at the end.

Overall, While the first episodes looked promising, the anime lost all sense of itself by failing at drama and backing away from the harsh themes they set up by its poorly written plot. So, 11Eyes can definitely not be considered as a great or amazing anime but undeniably its decent enough to stand. Though if you're looking for story and character development in an anime, this one's definitely not for you!



  1. I started watching this and realized a few episodes in that I wasn't really enjoying myself. I'm glad to see I didn't miss out on anything too spectacular.

    1. Yeah, you didn't. Even I felt like dropping it when I was on Episode 9 and Kusakabe Misuzu lost all her independence and competence but I didn't as I felt like if I have come this far I should just go all the way through....