Review : True Tears

"Because I gave my tears away!" ; this was the line by which I was introduced to True Tears, and this is the line by which I'm introducing it to you! True Tears  was the debut anime of P.A Works as an independent company, and this anime has nothing to do with the other game or visual novel on it.


One may think that True Tears is harem anime, but thats a misunderstanding! Harem Series are the ones in which our main lead is surrounded by a lot of girls who are all in love with him, and the lead is not able to make up his mind because either he enjoys the situation or of pure hesitation. Now, you may think of True Tears as harem because of all our females "ganging" up on our protagonist, but I see this is a essential part in developing a love triangle (And NO, there is nothing echi!)  This anime takes a rather different approach to the regular love story and one can say that it truly brings out the realism to this matter through the careful use of wordings.


Its easy to misunderstand the characters of True Tears. Even reading this review might change the way you interpret True Tears, hopefully to a better one. The background stories for characters, especially Shinchiro and Hiromi were very well done. The relations between the characters were expertly done! Shinchiro's parents certainly played a more central role, compared to most of the animes of this genre. However, what I like the most was how perfectly this anime illustrated a young boys heart when confronted by two or three possible lovers.

Animation and Sound

The art and animation certainly lived through people's expectations. Being a Drama it was expected that the expressions of the character would be carefully done and so it was amazingly done! It had the best Tear animation I had seen. 

Sound, music, OST, openings, casting, deserves nothing but praise. The seyuus chosen for this series fit perfectly to the their character.


I enjoyed it a lot as one that is lovely about these romance anime is that you always get attached to the story and in most of the times, when there's a love polygon, you start cheering for a character/couple. The satisfaction of seeing your favorite character achieving his/her goal or the sadness of a misfortune is part of it. 

Overall, It was a very enjoyable anime. But, the most impressive thing about True Tears was related to its storyline. I would truly like to Thank Lantis Production for bring us (The Anime fans) such a wonderful romance anime that will forever have a place in my romance anime list.