Review : Z/X Ignition

Z/X Ignition wasn't among my list of most anticipated anime this winter season gone past. Still, I decided to give it a try and I think that this anime has a good story and potential to do better though they left a lot of things unexplained in the anime, I tend to think that this season was just the launching pad and they will cover it all up in another season!


Like most of the game adapted anime, the story of this anime also starts from the point where the characters have already developed some relationships with their Z/Xs. So, I thought that they were probably going to explain the back-stories of the main characters in the next few episodes but it was a little different after the 1st episode they went to the starting of the story and explained everything that happened till the 8th episode. So for the actual story-line, A few years ago, large black gates opened up around the world from which monsters from other realms came and started killing and destroying our world. These monster's come to be known as Zillions of Enemy X, or Z/X (pronounced zex). Now in the present, humans have found a way to control some of the Z/Xs through the use of Card Devices. These devices allow you to control a type of Z/X by transferring it resources. Now our MC, Asuka Tennoji who lives in Kobe gets a card device by an mysterious shrine maiden and captures an angel type Z/X named Fierte. Both of them fight together with their other comrades to protect the city of Kobe.


There were a lot characters in the anime as the story of this anime required to be a connection between the Z/X and the human. Every time a new character was introduced there were atleast two of them. All of the characters came from different factions as well and made us remember the connection of a faction to the character. Our MC, Asuka Tennoji and his Z/X partner Fierte were not from any faction but they got caught into this battle because one day Asuka unfortunately encountered a Shrine Maiden who gave him a card device and then he encountered injured Fierte and captured her. Overall, the relationships between the characters and their back-stories were developed amazingly well and some characters had sparks of background that weren't quite developed for the show to start something amazing, probably in hopes for a future sequel of some sort. The only problem I had with the characters was that the cast was pretty large and there were many character stories that were being executed, It was hard to care about all of the characters when the grand scale of the story was set so high.

Animation and Sound

The animation and artwork was just amazing. The world of Z/X Ignition just drew me in, The city really looked like Kobe and the Z/X designs were the most interesting visual aspects of the anime. Fierte sort of looked like an angelic version of the Sylphs from SAO's Fairy Dance Arc and then there was a T-Rex made of red orihalcon and a sci-fi warrior lady and all of them had a lot of detail in their battle sequences.

The music of the anime was one of the good parts of the show. The opening(s) and ending(s) were good especially the first OP "Ex Futurize" by Yoko Hikasa was amazing and promising though their weren't any background music that seemed to bring out the full potential of the situation or suit the theme of the anime, the sound was still great.


It had great character-designs, the visual world just drew you in, the pacing was good and the story left nothing to be wanted though the show seemed rushed toward the end and it felt a little lacking, It was still definitely an enjoyable anime to me.

Overall, Z/X Ignition could be a decent show if things even themselves turned out over the last few episodes, but as an introduction to a world and mechanic, it failed to impress or intrigue. I would suggest that there is no need to rush to watch this anime but its not something that you'll dread.



  1. I hadn't actually heard of this one, so I guess I haven't missed out on much.

    1. Yeah. You certainly haven't missed on much. But, do give it a shot!