Review : The Pilot's Love Song

The Pilot's Love Song is a mix of drama, action and romance. The show starts with a relatively easygoing feeling, but gets much more intense by the halfway point and remains so until the end & the ending was quite the hanger so I'm really expecting a second season!


Though the story is just above average, the way this anime captivates you is insane and how it retains a fantastic balance between the characters and develops them well without exaggerations and misleads. Now for the actual story-line, In a fantasy world where 3 Factions (Ballesteros, Holy Levamme Empire & Sky Clan.) are at war, Kal El Albus or Karl La Hire the young prince of Ballesteros before the revolution hides his identity to take revenge on Nina Viento who killed his parents. For that, he gets to the Isla Island and takes part in the journey to see the end of the sky.


Our Main leads Kal El Albus and Claire Cruz were given interesting & dark back-stories to suck the viewers in. The way our main characters were setup was very intriguing. However, I had two problems with the characters. First, the series doesn't handle character relationships quite so deftly, preferring instead to lean heavily on sinister shots of certain characters, and uncomfortably long shots of our lovers gazing into each other's faces. Second, the moments for some characters were made so blatantly obvious that when it came their time to shine, the emotion impact just didn't deliver what was intended because of the predictability of the past few episodes. Overall, this series spends a good majority of its time to let viewers to get to know the characters and then shows us that no one lives forever and what war brings to its finest.

Animation and Sound

The animation and artwork was just amazing. It presented lush backgrounds with aesthetic designs to its air-crafts. Some of them holds a similar degree with historical vehicles while others created a feeling of intellectual depth. Some scenes also gave off a feeling of tranquility and almost a dream-like atmosphere such as romantic moments. The flashbacks also illustrates to show, rather than tell the audience of what our main characters has gone through during their childhood with a black and white world quality. Character design also makes sense on most parts although some character's ages didn't match their appearance.

For the Sound, it had stellar soundtracks to match its high caliber degree of action. The opening(s) and ending(s) are great and they were just what I needed for quality and delicacy. The OST demonstrated both an ethereal and vigorous way of presenting certain scenes to match the mood. On the other hand, some of the character's voices can be exasperating to the ears i.e. Kal El's scream in agony.


Setting the tepid and cliche nature of the story aside for a moment, The Pilot's Love Song was a charming watch. The two potential attracting factors that I felt to this series were : a budding love story that will likely have to contend with some degree of class conflict and the very real potential for one or both to get killed.

Overall, It was an amazing anime and hatred, fear, oppression, revenge, love, regret were the few qualities of war that the show brings together. Yet, there is some peace at mind with characters that demonstrates their heroism in the line of duty. If you're the type of person who focuses a lot on logic, consistency and smooth story-telling, this series might not be the one for you. But, if you're more about the character relationships and the drama, while being able to suspend your disbelief regarding some inconsistencies or unexplained phenomenon, you'll probably enjoy this anime like I did. 



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