Review : Nisekoi

"Is it possible to like something that is completely unoriginal?" According to Nisekoi, yes, it is. It is much to my delight to be able to write a review for this anime, though it was not perfect, it provided me with significant entertainment during the last few months. Even if my review may seem a little negative, it is just because I'm analyzing an anime by parts and category. As a whole, I really enjoyed Nisekoi.


The plot of the anime was rather mediocre. With a redundant premise, Nisekoi has nothing new to contribute to the rom-com genre. The creativity and complexity of the story was minimal at best, non-existent at least. Do not expect to be blown away by the story line, in fact, the plot will leave you wanting more, in most of the episodes. Now for the actual story-line, Our MC, Raku Ichijo is a teenager and a part of the Yakuza family. He carries around a lock, from a promise he made with a girl a decade ago, who holds a key to the lock. However, he's unsure and doesn't actually remember who exactly this girl was. He currently has a crush on a classmate - Kosaki Onodera, but then suddenly Chitoge Kirisaki enters his life, and under some circumstance, he has to pretend to be in a relationship with her. The anime eventually becomes a harem with more tsunderes entering Raku's life.


The strength of this anime does not lie on it story-line or its plots complexity but its characters. Nisekoi has an ability to make all of its characters likable, and that is a very rare quality for an anime to have. Our MC, Raku Ichijo at first seems our typical dense lead. But No, he may look like an average person with no particular exceeding talent and the one who has the will to protect his friends, but to be utterly obvious to obvious signs. But, when he wants he can be very astute in his observation and could have cracked the mystery if given more time. Thus, Raku is not our generic stupid main character, and he does have a girl that he is mainly interested in and acts according to this preference. Now our other lead, Chitoge Kirisaki is the blonde bombshell, the eccentric vivacious main girl. She's loud and obnoxious and can be unreasonable at times but even she has some redeeming factors. On the inside, she is a compassionate person, that probably has had to put on up a tough mask due to the teasing done to her back in America. Another Important character, Kosaki Onodera seems to correlate with the cute nice shy template. She's not as vivacious as Chitoge, and is too timid to assert herself in the middle of a big crowd. This is not to say that Onodera is complacent, she has willed herself to reveal her feelings numerous times, but again due to improbable and reaching circumstances, these confessions have fell to deaf ears. The remaining cast, in my opinion, just serves to spice up the dynamic between the three characters mentioned above.

Animation and Sound

The animation and artwork was amazing. Typically there's not a whole lot of action going on in high school romantic comedies and harems so its true that there isn't much to say but that the animation was pleasant and everything was solid and complemented the scene well. However, I think that this section deserves more discussion however simply due to the fact that the Shaft was at the work had the fans of manga worry that Shaft would take their style to far and would detract heavily from the source material, but fortunately that is not the case here. Sure, you've got Shinbo's signature camera angles and a few strangely elaborate backgrounds and some intentionally simple ones, but these don't define the show as they might have in Bakemonogatari or Madoka Magica. (Now this will come as a great relief to many manga fans, I'd imagine.)

For the sound, the soundtracks were marvelous. Background music can make or break a scene and in the anime, every scene was simply elevated by the choice of it BGM. The voice actors were perfect, there wasn't a single voice that didn't fit a character to the tee. My only generic complaint is that the OP's and ED's were too generic. Though, now that I think about it, maybe that was the whole point. Regardless, I didn't really find myself liking any of them and also ClariS didn't really try to make their tracks stand out from any of their others, and some harsher critics might say that none of theirs are ever original-sounding.


This anime gave me butterflies in my stomach due to the amount of lovey-dovey moments there were and the best part was that you could predict when one was going to happen. Whenever boredom crossed my mind a wild romantic moment appeared! Because of that, I enjoyed this anime thoroughly managed to finish this anime. For people who have never watched an anime before, this might work well as a gateway anime as well.

Overall, Nisekoi will leave people feeling that it only adds more on the table of bland romance shows in a harem on the drawing board. The strange truth is that it definitely does, but the show doesn't try to be what it’s not. It’s proud of being another generic harem show and proudly displays itself out of the rest. That might seem like a strange recommendation at first, but when you have the brilliant team behind Shaft that adds so much layers of depth to the show’s comedy and characters, there are very few things that is not to like about this anime! I highly recommend it to people who love harem with super cute girls!



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