Review : Mahou Sensou

After Watching Mahou Sensou, I've started thinking that the phrase "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is really true. After watching this anime's trailer, I was imagining something great with magnificent battles and stunning art. But, It was an illusion by this anime and I was deceived. So read on, cause this is going to be my first bad review on any anime!


The story of this anime at first seemed to me as cool with magic high school, awesome weapons and stunning battles, but it was terribly executed and after watching few more episodes of it I just have one word for the story and its a disaster. Now for the actual story-line, it focuses on our MC Takeshi Nanase, who is off to school in summer vacation to escape the immense pressure of his home life when he meets a mysterious otherwordly girl, Mui Aiba who falls on him from the sky and drags him and his friends into an ongoing magical conflict in another parallel world.


This anime had one of the worst characters I've ever seen, I felt no connections with them at all. Our MC, Takeshi Nanase was a wimp, plain and simple. Sure, he had his moments where he got to act like a main character but that was only in the first few episodes. The main villian and Takeshi's brother Gekkou Nanase was also a wimp and had ridiculous reasons to fight. Kurumi was also pathetic and frustrating, always going on about Takeshi and she got mad on Mui for every little thing because Takeshi favored Mui. Mui Aiba had something going on for her and Kazumi was the most normal one. Sure, the characters of this anime also had some interesting one too but they were all side characters. Overall, the characters were supposed to connect with us but they didn't and most of the time the relationships between characters seemed strained at best if not just plain unbelievable and that was because the show skipped over a lot of character development.

Animation and Sound

If I give this anime 2 Stars that would be because of the animation and artwork. The action sequences looked good but the character designs looked awful so even those moments were ruined for me. And especially the character-designs for the main characters they looked like they were copied or re-used because of lack of inspiration. But, the most infuriating part was that our MC had no nose.

Out of all technical aspects from the show, Sound was the strongest factor coming from this show. The OST was catchy with its hard rock tune and techno-like sensation. It actually connected with the dramatical situations in the battles. The voice-actors did a decent job but the characters like Takeshi lacked enthusiasm in their voice.


As you can guess from reading till now, It was definitely not enjoyable, atleast not to me. I watched this anime just because I had to write a review on it to complete my Winter 2014 LineupWatching this anime really made me feel like I was killing brain cells, luckily I survived!

Overall, I honestly feel guilty writing this review as I don't want people to judge this anime so badly but I just can't bear with it. There is nothing you stand to gain from the experience of watching it. It might not be malevolently bad, but it’s still bad, and everything about it is just poor and I definitely don't recommend you this anime but I would suggest if you're really into fantastical settings you should read more reviews on this anime and decide for yourself.



  1. I like (or hate?) the idea of a malevolently bad anime. Imagine purposefully writing something so people will hate it =P