Review : Devil Survivor 2

Devil Survivor 2 is an adaptation of the video game developed by Atlus, Opinions about this anime will be different from person to person. Personally, I love apocalypse-themed stories. This anime gave me that feeling, Though it was not as thrilling as I expected it to be, it's still good enough.


The story begins with two normal high school students ; Kuze Hibiki and Shijima Daichi, who are returning home after giving their practice exams. On their way back, they download an app called Nicaea that shows you a clip of your friends just before they are going to die then just before they are going to board the subway train they get a death clip of themselves on their phones that shows the subway train derailing and crashing into the station where they are standing and killing them and everyone around them. As they stand there freaked out at the video, the train comes into the station and proceeds to do exactly as the video showed. The two boys barely avoid being crushed by the crumbling station but still, they’re not safe yet. Strange monsters have appeared and are attacking a classmate of theirs who also happened to survive the incident, Nitta Io. Nitta and the two guys all saw the same video and they soon find out that that’s not the only thing their phones are now capable of doing. They somehow manage to fight off the monsters surrounding them by summoning demons from their phones. After escaping from the subway, they learn that similar events have happened in other places. The three somehow manage to survive with their own strength before being found out by members of an organization named “JP”. They learn all about the demons which are called “Septentriones” and that the world will be destroyed in a week if they don't kill them!


The characters were good, though I felt that our three main characters were lacking in this series as far as the characterization goes. Our MC, Kuze Hibiki is your typical shounen main character who once realizes that he has special powers tends to think that he needs to be the hero that will save everyone. Nitta Io, is the archetype girl that you feel sorry for and the one who gets lured into all kinda traps so that the main character can create a miracle for her. Shijima Daichi, is the idiot friend that has good intentions but is just not as strong or intelligent as the MC and merely becomes comedic relief. My favorite character was Alcor, other characters were also interesting though I felt that some of them were purely for fan-service.

Animation and Sound

Animation and Artwork was fairly standard. While it had some great moments, the action sequences were nothing special. I also felt that some scenes were a little too dark and difficult to follow. In addition to the poor explanations of the demons, in many cases, the characters sent out their demons to fight and then instead of focusing on the action in detail the show started to focus on the drama between Yamato, Hibiki, and everyone else.

For the Sound, it wasn't something very memorable. I skipped most of the opening(s) and ending(s). The background music was very good for episode 12, other than that I hardly noticed the background music and so it did not have an impact on me. The voice actors for most the part are decent at best, I felt Hibiki’s voice to be sub-par for a main protagonist. He showed a lot of emotions in the anime, but he never really sounded the part to me during those scenes.


Devil Survivor 2 was fun and had some shocking violence and action. It reflects the idea of survival and gives it away immediately. However, its story is dry as paint and its cast of characters seems unbalanced with their weak development. Furthermore, the series seems to be rushed and has some nonsense as it loses energy. The first episode had my eyes glued to the screen but I changed my mind afterwards. It's one of those series where patience is a key to getting it through.

Overall, As someone who has not played the video game I say that the anime is watchable the story itself is fine and the struggle with what the main character is going through is interesting and I would recommend it as just an anime to watch and put on the list!



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