Review : Heaven's Lost Property

Heaven's Lost Property is somewhat an unique harem show and it is probably the best example of an ecchi comedy that successfully manages to transcend the realms of stupidity to produce an amazing anime!


“The following story depicts the downfall of my quiet and peaceful life.” – Sakurai Tomoki.  The story is about a boy named Sakurai Tomoki, who is living a normal, peaceful life. But, all that changes one night due to an 'angeloid' called Ikaros comes flying down and proclaiming Tomoki as her Master.


The characters are the usual bunch of people found in every harem anime. Our MC, Sakurai Tomoki is like all the other leads in a harem a perverted boy, he has a childhood friend Mitsuki Sohara who is in love with him. Then there is his cute Angeliod named Ikaros who comes and turns his life upside down and then slowly falls for him, Satsukitane Mikako a rich and scary upperclassmen and Sugata Eishirou the smart and guiding person. The characters somehow always get into weird situations. The only problem I have with the characters are that most of them don't get any character development at all, Otherwise it is a pretty good cast which definitely adds charm to the show.

Animation and Sound

The artwork and animation is pretty good. The quality of the animation is simply amazing, it is fluid and consistent throughout the series. The character-designs are also good, they are very detailed and especially the great details done on the wings of the 'angeloids' make them look more angel-like. The camera angles are also interesting and dynamic enough to add realism. The bigger scenes that encompass massive explosions and fighting are all done very nicely.

For Sound, Both the opening(s) were nice and the upbeat can guarantee atleast a little bit of finger tapping along with the beat. And then there was a song "Fallen Down" by Ikaros in the anime which was fantastic and it is the only song I find worth mentioning. 


Heaven's Lost Property has a good plot and was definitely enjoyable to me. In my opinion, the mysteries were very intriguing and I wanted to watch more of it and thus finished this anime in a day. (That is ignoring some of the fan-service episodes!)
(This Picture is from the Movie.)

Overall, This show was very enjoyable and easy to watch and it was also not overly fan-serviced as a lot of people say. Still it didn't leave me a high note and it wasn't very amazing or interesting but it satisfied me completely. The story was executed smoothly and had a good mix of drama, action and romance. And if you're looking for an anime series that will keep you laughing then you should definitely watch the anime.



  1. Yeah, 3 stars is probably what i'd go for here. There were some hilarious moments but they came too infrequently for me to really enjoy the series and I actually ended up dropping it after a few seasons in the hope that I could find something more interesting to watch.

    1. Yeah... The manga of it was nice, but I wish they'd move the plot a little more often in the anime. I'm not complaining about the fan-service though, just the lack of consistency they had in sticking to the story-line.

    2. If you watch an ecchi anime you get ecchi, so I won't complain about that. In comedy shows especially it allows for some interesting laughs, like the flying panty flock!

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