Review : No-Rin

No-Rin was a confusing anime for me, as this was the only anime where I can't understand my own feelings about it. Well, I partially can, but they still surprise me as the story was somewhat good and original, the jokes were pretty funny, the music and the animation was great and yet I can't explain it but I had to force myself to watch it!


The story wasn't anything fancy or deep. I think the entire point of it was to make us smile and although it did accomplish that, it does not take away the fact that it was rather mediocre. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing as most rom-com's don't utilize a deep story-line and I believe they don't need to. The comedy part was definitely strong in this anime, most of the times it got totally random and I was left wondering what the hell did I just watched. Now for the actual story-line, it focuses on a student named Kousaku Hata who is shattered by the fact that his favorite idol star Kusakabe Yuka has retired. Due to this fact, he is rendered helpless, as without the existence of his little goddess to keep it up, his world is shattered, making him feel miserable and sad. It is until a few days later, that a transfer student by the name of Kinoshita Ringo transfers into his class, a girl who has a remarkable resemblance to his favorite idol star, and from then on, he intends to find out why this girl has come into his school.


I won't say that the characters of the anime were pretty good cause they were not but in the end they did have some redeeming factors. Our MC, Kousaku Hata is very ambitious person. He aspires to have his own little farm one day and just lead a nice little farm life, that is pretty much all you get in terms of character from him till about episode 11. Our other lead, Kinoshita Ringo is the supposed focus of the show, and is mainly pushed up to be the new kid, questing things at every turn, so that we (audience) can learn about the farming terms. For the most part, she is shown to be utterly emotionless in terms of expressions though she does express the fact that she has emotions and wonderment about her new life, and even explaining what she went through as an idol. Nakazawa Minori, The way I see it, her purpose for the show is actually rather pointless. Sure, she did help to create the non-existent love triangle that is really not shown, but other then that, I don't see her really being all that important. Kamatori Kei, is the "glasses" character of the group, being a lot more knowledgeable about farming than the rest of the cast. While the main cast themselves were were a main problem with the series, it's really the side characters I think that really killed the show. Above all, what I felt was the real nail in the coffin, was the fact that the series kept adding in more, and more, and more, and more pointless side characters that didn't matter. All of them, literally, all of them are one note characters that have a singular trait that exists as their existence and the additives of more and more characters hurt the show more and more.

Animation and Sound

The animation and artwork was pretty good. There were no major flaws or inconsistency issues. I felt like they did a really good job in portraying the characters and the crops. I feel like this is to be expected from a 2014 release. Allthough the characters were drawn nicely I personally didn't like their clothing and work uniforms. I felt like Ringo and a few other characters were robbed from their natural beauty solely because of the clothing. This is subjective and to be expected because in order to accomplish succesful farming you have to get your hands dirty. In my opinion, once the characters switched from their work uniform into normal clothing you would feel better about watching them.

For the sound, it was somewhat decent. The OP "Himitsu no Tobira Kara Ai ni Kite" by Yukari Tamura, was quite high spirited with an idol song and I felt like this was a nice touch for the series due to the fact that this was about an idol in an agriculture school. I didn't like the ED, due to how it was presented, and I more or less found it to be a generic song that I skipped after every episode. The background music was certainly good and was used at appropriate times and it also did well adjusting to the mood and was very cheery.


For me, I think this anime was fairly enjoyable. However, I struggled to finish this to the end as it felt like there was no clear objective. When I finally thought about an ending that would have to be cramped up in one episode I was unpleasantly shocked that it simply did not have an ending at all. The agriculture however, was fairly interesting and the comedy was definitely fresh and enjoyable.

Overall, No-Rin had both a very clear strength and an obvious flaw and I can't disregard this show completely as I was still watching it, and even made it to the end. Thus, I feel the lack of character development is balanced out by the great amount of original comedy. A '3 Star'' would only be a logical conclusion from this point of view though I won't recommend everyone to watch this anime, since there are just so many flaws with the execution of this anime.



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