Review : Maoyu

Maoyu is one of those anime which are really enjoyable to watch but there seems to be too many issues to give it really a high recommendation. So, this is my 20th anime review and I hope that it helps you in forming a good opinion on the anime.


The story is set in medieval fantasy world in which the human race and demon race are at war for territory and power. The story follows the Human Hero Yuusha and the Demon King who team together to solve the underlying mysteries of the war!


The characters were just perfect, the actions of the characters to the story were also very well-planned. Our MC, Hero or Yuusho is a diplomat to some extent and is always seen saving Fairy's or helping demons. Our other lead, The Demon King or Maou is the brain of the operation, and her idealistic belief of ending the war by ending poverty, and advancing technology is a grand idea that really takes time to make significant changes. Both of our leads are good but as atleast a year was passed just by the 4th episode so they didn't get much of character development. The other characters of this anime are all also uniquely set in their role and are also given names to reflect that. All the characters seem to fit and act correctly in the settings and they are one of the main reasons why this anime is so enjoyable to me.

Animation and Sound

The artwork and animation is brilliantly done in the anime. The background of the anime was fantastic with nice rural areas and cityscapes, which looked vibrant and really alive in the color tones and the general lighting of scenes. I also liked how the demon realm was kept realistic and not made too fantastical which made the settings more engrossing. The character-designs were also very well-made and no character looked recycled or reused for the lack of inspiration. 

For the sound, there wasn't really anything very amusing about it. I find the opening song of the anime worth mentioning "Yohko - Mukai Kaze", it is a good song and its quite attaching. The voice acting was top-notch, there wasn't a single intolerable voice in the anime, even the little girl character's voice actor who's supposed to be cute and adorable didn't sound too over the top.


I definitely enjoyed the anime a lot. The ideas pointed out in the anime can really make you think about the life of the people nowadays and of the people in medieval days, and this made me enjoy the anime the most and kept me engrossed in it.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching Maoyu. Yeah, it didn't really pay off in terms of romance, and the story can feel somehow unfinished. But, I really liked to see real world economics and serious issues like cultural diversity brought into the fantasy world of anime. Which made for an intelligent plot-line with believable outcomes for all actions and allowed the creators of the anime to actually show how medieval actually progressed! Therefore, I think it was a great anime and ask you to atleast give it a try. 



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