Review : Legend of the Legandary Heroes

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes was a surprising show for me and it had quite a bit to offer that one most likely wouldn't have expected on a quick glance at this anime. On the surface, it is a typical shounen action anime involving magical attacks and a search for mystical objects, and to some extent that is true. However, once the story begins unraveling, it happens pretty quickly, and this anime shows us that it has much more to offer than just fighting and quirky antics!


I have to say, this anime walks a very dangerous line as it tries to mix humor with themes like drama and betrayal, but it manages very well. Also, I really loved the way how the mood suddenly changes from silly comedy to deadly politics in the show. Not only that, there were also many other elements like saving the world, sad childhood, betrayal, young leaders, which could easily go wrong and destroy the show, but they are used very well and only contribute in making this show more enjoyable. Now for the actual story-line, Ryner Lute is a lazy student of the Roland Empire Royal Magician's Academy. One day, the Roland Empire goes to war against their neighboring country Estabul, and Ryner looses his classmates in the war. After the war, Ryner sets out on a journey to search the relics of a "Legendary Hero" at King Sion Astal's command and finds out that a deadly curse is spreading throughout the continent.


The story started off with the two out of the three most important characters. Ryner Lute and his partner Eris Ferris, who are on a mission to try and collect these “Legendary Hero” relics and we meet our other important character King Sion Astal later on the story. But, this anime could be seen as from all three of the main character's point of views, which made it a very intelligent anime. For example, the decisions Sion made as a King often conflicted with his philosophy, but he shouldered everything as a King would, and refused to give in to his ideals. At the very same time, the conflicting nature of the characters within themselves made it a very heartfelt anime. Like Ryner, who has been through enough, shows lack of emotion, although he cares for every living thing around him, ironically though, he puts threat on those around him just through his very existence. Also Ferris, who is always mocking Ryner doesn't falter to hold him dearly when he really needs it the most. So, as you can see the characters were depicted pretty nicely but they themselves were a mixed bag. Also, the character backgrounds were only expanded on when the episode/plot found it necessary. Which led to a good mix of well-timed character introductions vs the not so well-timed ones thogh atleast the main 3 (Sion, Ryner, & Ferris) do not suffer from a lack of enough character development. So, I'd say the major characters had been expanded well like they deserved but the most minor characters till the end where still yet to have a purpose established! Overall, the characters were a huge part of this show. Instead of having the typical black and white heroes and villains, this anime shrouded a lot of its characters in a morally ambiguous shade of grey though I guess the interpretation of good and bad in the anime depended upon the audience's own moral values.

Animation and Sound

The animation and artwork was splendid! I just loved the color schemes and the detailed character costumes. Also, Ferris's magic animation was a treat with her purple and pink costume. This anime also contained nice reflections and magic effects. The glow of the Alpha Stigma eyes, was beautiful. The anime had detailed and fitting backgrounds. So, as you can see there just isn't much to complain about it but there also isn't much to talk about. But, I don't remember one episode where I felt that the art team was slacking off on their job.

For the sound, it never bothered me so I can say that it was not bad to say the least. The beginning theme and (especially) ending theme complimented the series well. The background music was also good and it really fitted the theme of the anime and the most important thing was that there were no annoying voice actors so that was a plus and it made me very happy.


Truly, only one word can be used to describe this anime: "legendary". Jokes about the name aside, this was truly an enjoyable show, also it has a pretty high entertainment value. Perhaps I found it good because I came in with very low expectations after reading the name, but I can definitely say that I was pleasantly surprised. Truly, one shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. So, I would like to say that the story was interesting and captivating throughout the anime and although some might argue that parts of it were similar to other shows, it seemed pretty unique and original to me

Overall, If you are still skeptical about The legend of the Legendary Heroes, I suggest you to start watching from episode two since episode one is a blasphemy and not integral to the overall plot and only introduces a few characters' names. So, With all things considered, this anime is definitely not perfect but it is really very interesting. Unfortunately though because the anime suffers from a relatively low budget, misinforming title, a first episode that does not do the series justice and a late night timeslot, sales were not particularly outstanding. Hopefully all my ritual sacrifices are working and a second season would still be on its way despite all the factors denying it. So finally, I'd recommend this anime to anyone interested in a bit of lighthearted/bloody entertainment with nothing better to do!



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