For anyone who runs a blog, getting a lot of views is pretty difficult and its something you want as it means people are taking the time to visit what you’ve created and read what you’ve written! Also Now, I've finally gotten 10,000 views on my 5 month old blog which feels pretty nice and is something I'm really proud of.

I still remember my first month of anime blogging when I was pretty happy at just getting a 100 views and a few comments. Then, I eventually got tired of obsessing over the stats and just started to post as many reviews as I could manage. Though, I still have a habit to check my stats the first thing in the morning after I logon to my blogger account other than replying to comments. So, this morning I noticed that I just reached ten thousand and decided to post about it. It’s a milestone, right? It's something to brag about and it feels nice to write about something else besides reviews.

But as amazing as this is, I think what I really should be saying in this post is THANK YOU! Thank you to all the awesome people across the globe, for making this possible. Thank you for not giving up on me for being a little slow with posting reviews, Thank you for pointing out my mistakes so I could correct them and Thank you for offering suggestions to improve my writing and the blog in general. But most importantly, Thank you for reading what I post here.

Looking ahead to the future I hope you plan on sticking with Anime Cataclysm as you’ve done so far this long, and I hope you continue reading and enjoying the reviews that I post here. Also, I’ve got plenty more reviews coming, as this season has only just begun and I’m eagerly looking forward to watching and writing more reviews on anime! Once again, Thank you very much for visiting my blog!


  1. congrats! i really like your blog its fun, neat and made me watch sankarea which might be one of my favs! also i wish you would re-review buddy complex with the movie ending.

    1. Thank you for the comment and Yes, I'll re-review Buddy Complex with the movie ending some day in the future. :)