Official : Anime Cataclysm on Hiatus.

Well, I never thought that I would get so busy in my life that I'd have to take a break from Anime Blogging. But, as you can see the month of January and February passed without me posting anything and March will also suffer the same fate cause of my schedule not letting up. So, I'm officially going on a Hiatus!

My only explanation for this to you is that my schedule right now is so busy that I'd call myself lucky if I would get to watch even one episode of anime. So, you can figure out why there have been no posts from me for the past two months. It took me a whole WEEK just so I could write this post, let alone trying to write reviews. :/

But, don't worry! Cause I'm pretty confident that I'll be back in full force by mid-june. Though, In the worst case scenario, I might not be back back by July. But, whenever it is.. I'll definitely come back and continue with my 2014 Summer Lineup!  


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