Review : High School DxD New

If you have watched the first season of High School DxD, then you probably already know what you're getting into - a very heavy fan-service filled harem romantic comedy with good action, decent plot, and memorable characters! So That being said, I'm going to jump right into the review of this fanservice-filled wonderland that we call High School DxD New


Most harem anime have little or no story. However, this anime series is the exception to that rule. The story it has is a genuinely good one and the story it has in its Season 2 is even better and more complex than the 1st season's. The main characters are all back, and the first large story arc deals with Kiba's backstory and expands his character a great deal, while the second arc sheds more light into the whole darn demon-angel war. Also, both the stories are pretty well thought-out and give all the characters other then Issei good character development, all the while introducing new interesting characters who deepen the plot. However, there was still enough for Issei to go around. Whether that being him dealing with chicks or fighting with his Sacred Gear to kick some devil butts. 


Onto the characters now, they are still charming and lovable as ever in this second season of the anime. Also, The biggest improvement to this season were the characters as we learn a lot more about all of them - their feelings, their histories, their families, their motivations, their problems, etc. because of this, the characters become even more endearing than they had been in the Season 1. And if you liked the series because of the characters, then you definitely won't be disappointed here. Let's go into specific details here and let's take Akeno and Rias for example. Their characters really gets more fleshed in this season and Akeno starts having lustful desires for Issei and starts to fall in love with him. She is also revealed to be a reincarnated devil who was once half human and half fallen angel. Then Rias, gets more of a jealous personality and when the other girls try to flirt with Issei, she really gets mad and does things to take him back which is pretty interesting to watch. So, some new characters were also introduced and as there are many of them I'm just going to talk about three of them (Gasper, Irina and Xenovia.) Starting with Gasper, who is a first year student at Kuoh Academy and is a cross dressing vampire who is timid and afraid of people, but gets development as the show goes on. Then Irina, who is a childhood friend of Issei and is also a reincarnated angel. Finally, there's Xenovia who is also a reincarnated angel but later joins Rias's peerage as her knight demon and she also wants to bear Issei's children. Overall, the characters were the biggest improvement this season but all of them were pretty much the same as the first season. Though, this season will make you want to watch more of the characters and their interactions to see how their own stories unfold!

Animation and Sound

The animation and artwork was surprisingly pretty good this season. Many of the fight scenes were also choreographed well, with fluid character movements and cool tricks used by all sides. I was actually somewhat taken aback during many of the fight scenes for how nice they looked! Also, There were a lot of scenes in which the club went in forests or parks with trees and the leaves on the tree blocked the sun’s view and gave you shade, which felt pretty realistic. Then the last reason for the art and animation being outstanding was that there was more nudity in this season and it will also be enjoyable for a lot of ecchi and harem fans.

For the Sound, The OP's for season two were not that good. However, season two's ED, was both not only catchy but extremely pleasing to the eye. That is to say, visually the EDs were probably the most sexually suggestive things I have seen in anime. Also, I thought the voice acting was appropriate for their roles, but nothing in particular stood out to me performance-wise. I recognized some of the voices from some of the characters, but that is besides the point.


Every episode of this anime was enjoyable to watch and is delivered on a consistent basis, the way they managed everything was really amazing. Also, without a doubt this anime kept the audience thoroughly amused and wanting to know what happens in the next episode. A great anime with an over abundance of enjoyable fan service, yet can switch gears nearly on a dime, to a more serious mood.

Overall, High School DxD New is what fans of the original series may want with all the fan-service, action, and plot progression. Yes, I said plot progression as even for an ecchi show like this, there's development with certain characters that progresses the plot in its way. This series is definitely not the best show out there but it has its moments and if I had to describe this show, it would be sexy but also equally annoying to watch at some cases. So finally, I would recommend this to anyone who has watch and enjoyed watching the 1st season.



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